we where selected to interactivos 16!!!

we did it!! we were selected!!! we have team up with CIMNE nature on this one and made a great proposal :)

you know, this year subject of research is water and water is one of those issues on urban farming.. getting water from the grid is expensive to everyone, the ones that pay, the ones that supply it and to all of us as a planet. at the same time in urban environment we trash a lot of water, in all colors: black, brown, grey and yellow. just by the colors you can figure their content :p but the content that gives color is just a small part of it. in all around 99% is water. on the other and we need nutrients and we are all the time trowing them out of the sink. so on this project we will focus on cleaning water and reduce nutrients to a more concentrated solution that we can apply later on the farm.

this is not nothing new of course, the plants use exactly the same technic  to pump nutrients over their body.

we’ll keep you updated on the building process;)

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