Veracruz Day #1

First full day at the Citizen Science lab in Veracruz today.

After four days scouting around the city for urban gardens it was great to arrive to the hotel yesterday where all the attendees were staying and meet the people that we are going to be working with over the next 12 days.

There was the obligatory welcome cocktail (piña colada, we are in Mexico of course) and then it was time to mingle. It really is amazing to be among people from so many countries with so many big ideas…

Official Day#1 at the lab started with buses taking us to the brand spanking new Biblioteca Digital TELMEX. This place is amazing. Huge. White. Light.
It’s in the middle of a recently built shopping mall and the shopping mall is in the middle of… nothing… literally it is a shopping mall surrounded by empty land. Soon to be built into a new city. But first comes the most important things… the ralph lauren store… the sketchers store… the apple store….right?????

And here is where we introduce the team for the next two weeks (well in the photo we’re missing Lucia, but I’m sure she’ll appear later on…)
2014-11-23 16.53.24We have a really multidisciplinary team with backgrounds ranging from Biology to Soil Science to Computer programming to Architecture to Chemistry to Electrical Circuits to Traditional Mexican dance and song to Mapping to Permaculture to Environmental Engineering to…. All I can say is that I’m stoked. I am excited to think about all the things that we are going to learn from each other in the coming weeks. Thanks to Alaide, Brisceida, Karla, Tania, Daniela, Marcos, Jorge and Lucia for giving up their time to come and help us move this project forward.

Tomorrow will be when we really knuckle down and work out what we want to achieve from the next two weeks. A “critical session” with our two mentors Felipe and Cinthia will help us focus our efforts.

Till then… a photo of our work space in the la Biblioteca Digital Telmex Veracruz2014-11-24 01.30.40

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