water valve and algae

something was wrong during the last days.. and suddenly we water valve is always on but there is no water flowing..

first inspection:

2014-07-25 at 18-32-39


2014-07-25 at 18-34-32

don’t forget to cover your water valves from light, algae loves this places  ;)

Ceramic pots irrigation

A very nice and didatic video about this very ancient irrigation method that uses ceramic pots (ollas).

It works with the same principle as the UFRRJ system, that uses ceramic filters as humidity sensors. The irrigation is controlled by the water saturation in the soil.

Original post: http://www.permaculture.co.uk/videos/how-guide-olla-pots-%E2%80%93-effective-traditional-irrigation-system

Thanks to El Amaral   ; )


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.53.38 AM

uau!! 2 lines that made us jump of joy :) so next september you will find us in brasil developing a electronic faucet/valve that can be made in a 3D printer. here you can see our proposal.

I’ll keep you posted on the developments here on the blog and on the wiki. please if you want to contribute feel free. the e-valve is a complex project so every help is welcome ;)

refarm @ cceba BA final report

uau done, the last days have been busy.. but we are very happy with the results and with the collaboration of gobi :) this look of clean, big horizontal lines, the electronics location and the 30º angles of the wires are all gobi’s responsibility:p a great work here!!

but as every work-in-progress we faced some problems and best of all we faced some new problems:
-the watering system is complex with many moving parts.
-the connections of the bottles were hard to find a perfect solution. it can’t drop a single drop of water. but is a tremendous tool of data visualization. at a glance you can see how many 1L bottles of water your farm is consuming
-the water pumps demand to much water from the first bottle. we had to place a new one between the first and the second bottle.
-we have notice a watering difference between the first hole and the last one.. this farm has 4 meters long. we added more holes to the ending and made different sized holes but we should understand better what happens here.
-uploading the code to the boards stop to be problematic after we made a cables that shortcuts the radios sockets.
-data upload is working but is so juvenile:) we must work on the alert systems, the architecture of the data flow and the data visualization tool

this refarm is working but we assume that it will take a serious maintenance.
we hope that our recently born “refarmBA group” with the help of cceba can use this new tool has part of their medialab. you guys have a new toy in town :) we hope that you have fun and talk to everyone about it ehehhe

see you soon buenos aires and thanks again judith, all the cceba crew, agus clan, rocio, pablo, oscar, gabi, cyntia, galeria appetite, the ice cream makers:) and all the participants of the refarm workshops.

best to you all,

water systems

I need to find a cheap solution to control water. and cheap means that it shouldn’t consume a lot of energy. the ram water pump has zero electricity consumption, is easy and cheap to make but consumes a lot of water. it’s a nice solution if you have a spring near you and want to rise some water. over 300m and 5km long they say!!

water control

I must find water, store it and finally control the watering depending on the plant needs. after spending a day googling for water fond some freaky ways of harvesting water. it would be nice to feed the re:farm with water that doesn’t come from the city grid. let’s see what can I do at hangar.org

water (concept)

1212089128374barna_624.jpg yep, a big problem… and if you live in barcelona you will feel that in your skin. last summer I only had  a shower once a week! all the city had restrictions over water consume. lucky I live near the sea and I love the salt in my skin. for re:farm this is an important objective: monitor the humidity and don’t waste a single drop of water. if re:farm were hydroponic, we could see great savings on water. that’s my next re:farm project :)