interactivos? 2013 resume

you know.. good things always reach a end.. this were 2 amazing weeks were we came to make one thing and finished making 4 :)

mesa trabalho interactivos13

for the ones who never printed on a 3D printer and think it seems so easy, you have no idea.. and the press have talk and talk but rarely puts the hands on a printer. ars has the most honest press cover I’ve saw. so let’s start from the beginning. we came here to make a low power faucet that could be printed. after some initial research we found many models on thingiverse that could be adapted to our needs. we give up the designs that flows water inside cause it’s impossible to have precise measures on a 3D printed object and then impossible to water seal any mechanism so we went to another approach: let’s print a mechanism that can close and open a real faucet. with this approach we could implement the watering system on virtually any faucet. we also saw that printing gears was delicate and that means we need to print big gears to compensate the small errors. in the meantime with so many starts and stops on the 3D printer other projects popped from those 20 amazing brains that eat, work, drink, laugh and slipped together for 16 days. the first that came was the mini hydraulic ram. the idea came from elflin and it’s a recurring problem in our designer’s heads: how to pump water from the bathtub to the toilet on a old bathroom? we produce many hand draws but we didn’t finished a complete 3D model only the mini water valves. magrão documented the process here on the nuvem’s wiki

one day a new 3D printer came. we didn’t had place for her so we built a table :) this was our project #3


we also debate and advanced a bit more on the electronic board “mini vacations” with thiago. in a couple of weeks we’ll send them to the press. 3 packs: one to barcelona, one to san francisco and other to rio de janeiro. surian will get the boards in rio so if you what one ask him :) surian was also involved on the next project the #5: monitoring of the composter built by joaquim. surian documented everything here.

well “galera” (bruno, chintia, julia) I think it was the best and the most immerse interactivos? that I ever have been.. I’m sure that medialab_prado is proud of you and how you worked the open model of interactivos workshops ;) congratulations!!

I will not mention my collaborators mainly because everyone collaborate with all the projects. I made new friends, laugh all the time, spend a great time surrounded with exuberant nature and brilliant humans ;)

we will continue our development on the 3D printed e-faucet and the other projects. expect more news soon.

stay happy, people in RJ can teach you that ;)

interactivos update

do no were to start :) maybe for the morning face washing on the river that flows on nuvem..


then the breakfast

morning-breakfast morning meeting


and here a visual resume of the last days.

this is the faucet that we need to control:


we have started from designing valves that can be made in 3D print



then we design a mechanism that can be adapted to the faucet. this one is moved by a servo motor.


and then we printed :)


we will continue this development for the next 9 days. you can check the wiki of nuvem for a day by day report. more news soon ;)


landing on rio

this is my bag content :) some electronic materials and tools and also some materials for watering systems.


today I went shopping to get some materials to have the full kit of the UFRRG watering system. we will build this setup on the nuvem to test the e-faucet that we will draw and test.



36R. pressure switch 30R and the ceramic filter 6R.

then I went with cinthia and alejandra to the university.


we went to visit the nano– art and new organisms center of the UFRJ in fundão. meet Malu and her students. tks Malu for receiving us ;)


in nano we pic the 3D printer that we are using the next 3 weeks. this 3D printer was build by marcos and it’s his personal printer. tks marlus ;)



then we went to nuvem, 4h of madness traffic to get out of rio, rain, fog but finally we arrived :) julia and vishwa ram had some soup prepared and prepared some hot tapioca pancakes.. delicious all ;)


our first meeting of interacivos. lots of new people all wiling to take the proposals to a good end.

ok guys, stay tuned I’m going to sleep now.. on the cloud (nuvem) :p

doors open @ l’hort del circ


today we open the circu’s farm to the public. from 19h to 22h we had music, drinks and talked with everyone interested on this particulary urban farm. it took us 2 years and the contribution of many people on design, building structures, maintain things alive and keep the place clean. it’s a just a joy looking to the green spot we have created over the ruins of a roman circus ;) thanks everyone that stoped by and a special thanks to all of you who made this urban farm possible.

refarmthecity barcelona

today a new non profit organisation is born :)

refarm bcn will give support to all the projects in the city and has a hub for urban farmers. if you live in bcn stay tuned and join our activities in can roger or hangar.

spring update 2013

on the other day someone said, today the spring started officially. I look at the window and saw the vine as skinny as yesterday. and I though.. not here.. the spring update post will have to wait :) today yes, look at this picture

spring update 2013
today, here, officially, the spring started. and this specific point is important that you be aware of it. it controls your farm calendar :)
this spring update brings the winter work. we have been working on our wiki and fill her with structure and content. the idea is having a database of tools and experiences that can help a urban farmer to start. texts, references, 3D models, urban farm plans and diagrams. the next step will be filling with more DIY/DIT instructions and open to public participation.
the second step will be connect this wiki with the real objects and then learn with time. understand which models and tools work better, last longer, saves energy and materials.
we’ll soon have our most powerful board available. we have team up with HANGAR, MID, IACC and his fablab :) we are now in hangar developing the refarmthecity shield for the new smarcitizen board. it’s a pleasure to work with great institutions and great people that are neighbors and friends ;)
also in hangar we are starting new workshops. on thursdays you are more then welcome to come and build/debuilt together something ;)
still in barcelona our next project will start in 2 weeks. can roger. a social cantina, a farm and a art hub. the project was approved by the city council and the next 3 years vegetables and certainly other things will grow ;) you can check refarmthecity development here
ok, that’s all for now. hope that you find good farm activities this spring. we’ll do ;)

january update

ok. this is not perfect but it’s a middle term :) we finally got online. I’ve been the last days working with andreu recovering the databases of our blog. 190 articles that covers all the process of the refarmthecity project. I still must dig the pictures.. they wore not on the bd and if they were they would be mixed with all the propaganda that someone injected on the wiki. you know the normal stuff, viagra, iraq war, nudes and so on..

winter update

since lately you didn’t get any news from us let me tell you what’s going on. as you know, refarm the city are open tools for urban farmers. these software and hardware tools are available to a small community: people that makes our workshops and people that write to us asking for code and boards. since we don’t sell boards the amount of people that have our tools is reduced to the ones that assist to the workshops and the ones that are willing to make their own boards. this is the kind of things we would like to change in the future with the new mini vacations board. but there is also another change that we already started, we went from tools to individual urban farmers to tools for urban farmers communities. so we went from the problems of watering and monitor small urban farms to where to find the resources in a city environment to make a urban farm possible and find the symbiotic relation where the urban farm feeds from city’s leftovers and human resources. in the last year we have been in tarragona developing this model of farm as a tool to fix cities on a small, more local scale. a urban farm as his needs, you need water, organic material, seeds, soil and sun and unsurprising the city gives all this :) take for example the water you use on the shower and on the kitchen, it’s perfect for watering your plants. look to your everyday travel to the bathroom: human urine is the most nutrient-abundant part among the domestic waste components. is like every one that visit you in your house his big contribution would be pissing your plants :) (please dilute the urine with water)

the new web is on the works and we plant to go online next spring. it will be a mix of blog of your farm and a social network of vegetables and data visualization :p

in the meantime we leave you here with the latest projects that we have been working. if you wish to dig on refarm development trough the last 4 years just scroll down

enjoy your vegetables,



la graine et le compost

Transformer Paris grâce à l’agriculture urbaine ? Entre démarche écologique et poétique, deux collectifs d’artistes proposent aux parisiens stressés de prendre le temps de cultiver leur propre jardin.
Les collectifs d’artistes Refarm the city et Greenrush s’inspirent de la réalité parisienne en matière de déchets biodégradables et d’alimentation à l’échelle domestique : ils imaginent un écosystème mobile d’échange de graines et de compost, basé sur des rencontres et sur une interface smartphone géolocalisée. Dans des distributeurs publics, on achète des paquets de semences à la place des habituelles friandises. Les détails de leurs origines, croissance & usages apparaissent sur cette interface.
La mise en place d’un tel système à large échelle suppose un engagement des Parisiens amoureux de la nature. Les graines plantées portent les germes de notre croissance future !
Agriculture urbaine hors sol, production d’aliments à l’échelle domestique, collecte de déchets verts, échanges de graines et de conseils et fabrication d’équipements d’irrigation automatique sont au programme…

Refarm the city (Barcelone) propose des outils pratiques, logiciels gratuits & matériels pour aider les citoyens responsables
à développer des « fermes urbaines » ; en apportant la diversité et la complexité des rythmes de la nature en ville ; en créant des réseaux sociaux dédiés, des logiciels et des instruments utiles à la production, à la diffusion et la consommation des produits cultivés localement.

Green RushPARIS est une initiative basée sur le partage et les rencontres qui invite artistes, fermiers, urbanistes, provocateurs, amoureux et détracteurs du vert, à mettre à plat le « Green Business ».

“Exploration créative des technologies”

Rencontres dans la ville –  13 mai > 20 mai.
À l’occasion de rencontres dans des fermes urbaines et lieux culturels, apportez vos déchets bio pour alimenter un compost et troquez les contre des graines !
• le 13 mai – 11h > 13h – jardin de Santerre jardinsanterre.blogspot.fr
• le 16 mai – 18h > 20h – petit bain www.petitbain.org
• le 20 mai – 17h > 20h – sors de terre association www.sorsdeterre.blogspot.com
• informations : graineetcompost@gaite-lyrique.net


Refarm the city and GREEN RUSH together, they propose a Paris site-specific joint residency to develop a mobile seed|compost exchange ecosystem based on face to face social network and smart phone geolocation interface for a territorial expansion of that network. Seed packets replace tobacco packs of the self-dispensing tobacco machines found at high human traffic spots. Dispensing machines converting Euros in Food guaranties. When exchange social gatherings are hold Food scrapes and leftovers replace Euro as trading currency for seeds. Seeds deposited and distributed are tracked with a web interface – their origin, growth and usage (recipe). Compost collected are documented – from local restaurants, breadshops and the urbanites. A self-devised compost deposit and collecting system calls for participation of the eco-loving Parisians! Seeds planted held together our collective dreams for growth. Open source compost is sexy with worms in action. The end-of-residency performance brings together worm noise, seed germination, food sharing into a storming love affairs between la Graine et le Compost.



next stop paris :)


here we go again :) the next 3 weeks I’ll be in paris with andreu, andreas, shu lea (greenrush), samuel and fransini working on the project la graine et le compost.

we will try to build together software and hardware tools that can we bring local seeds to urban farmers and promoting compost and social exchange. as usual, if you are in paris pay us a visit and we will find a way for you to contribute. leave here some screenshots of the software development until now.





quick update

ops, think I’ve forgot to tell you :p this afternoon I’ll be speaker on Culture|Futures: Transições para uma Era Ecológica.

I’m here in são paulo invited by the spanish cultural center in SP and last week we had a fantastic workshop. check here some fotos.

having a great time, the food is familiar, culture and language too but the most amazing was see this tropical climate up-cycling all this nature, vegetables and people.

kirsten from faircompanies made this videos from the refarm the city project, have a look and don’t make funny of my english and spanish :p




ok, see you soon in tarragona and them madrid ;)


spring update

finally the spring is here.. I think I’ve never desired a spring so much as this one!

after freezing my brains with the beijing group in january ;) I came home to start the grants applications.

this year we apply to this one, this one and this one.

only the visualizar’11 was approved (and we are very happy/exited about it:)  the other 2 grants didn’t work.. the one for fecyt that we were making with matadero we steep on some slow procedures and we miss the deadline.. the other from bilbao, the proposal that we sent was miserable.. mea culpa.. didn’t have time to work that text or ask for more help inside the community..

I’ve also went bankruptcy (hey if in our days countries went bankruptcy what do you expect from a guy like me? :) bad governance? maybe yes.. this idea of maintaining the re:farm project open and free, costs money, and my totally dedication to it also left me without regular incomes.. the unemployment here in spain, the fact that we are only funded by public institutions and on a project basis, personal clients that still owe me money.. all summed result on my bankruptcy :( I’m not complaining, I’m documenting. this is my personal the blog of the project and my personal stories are part of it hehehe but has michael said: “this project is more open than our personal gardens” and many things have occurred on the last months so here is an update of the most relevant:

interview from technikart here

andreas in paris is doing a fantastic research, go and check is blog and the prototyping process on ecolab page.

tarragona group has started! follow here all the updates.

madrid group will sprout soon.

that’s it for now. stay tuned with your vegetables :)

flying beijing

ops!! here I am pumping my ecological footprint over mongolia ;(

in 2 days I’ll start the re:farm workshop at Tsinghua University Art and Science Research Center Media Laboratory. the workshop is fully booked but if you are around beijing feel free to come, there is always room for one more at the table ;)

preparing beijing

next january I’ll fly to beijing to give a refarm workshop at tsinghua university. every time we make a new workshop in a new city we make new boards and research that’s place gastronomy, vegetables and the state of urban farming. beijing has a lot to share with us. you can imagine their giant edible biodiversity and since you are here, check also this steep on beijing sustainability. looking forward the meet tsinghua students and let my belly be guided by them :)

next stop madrid

last week I went to madrid to give a talk in CSIC

it’s strange thinking how to explain the re:farm project to anthropologist and sociologists. but it went well:) I gave a brief description about what is the re:farm project, which tools do we use, how are the nodes build and organized and in which stage are we on the development of the tools. lot’s of questions, many of them I’ve never thought about it before :) it’s great to have someone completely out of our field of study to review and give different perspectives.

but before I went to the talk I had a meeting with manuela from matadero and here comes the great news: re:farm will have a residency on their “el ranchito” program. more news soon ;)

next stop paris

it began with a promise of visit shu lea at her house and be a pair of days with the refarmers of paris. today (I’m now on the plain) maria from barcelona will also come, we will have a “party/round table” downtown organized by shu lea, a coffee with our friends AAArchitects from semillando seminar to build a re:farm in their storefront and finaly I will have a meeting with zhang ga. he is the curator of translife, the international media art exhibition on the national art museum of china.

open letter to all the re:farm community

as you all know this project is becoming bigger, more complex and has been a great fun :) mainly because we are now a planetary network and we have so many interesting minds from so many different fields. all committed to build a more sustainable society and seed their own food.

during this last 3 years I’ve learned tons of new things because everyone of you know things that I don’t. that’s why I always tried to get different profiles in the groups and that’s why we have a wiki, a dropbox, regular meetings and everyone needs to write a personal blog. I think this is a do-it-together project not suitable to be made by yourself and here the groups have main paper. each group has his particularities but there are commons guidelines. the group should have a home, a weekly meeting, a place to store the materials gathered, to give workshops, sun and place to have some prototypes. to be able to promote activities, the groups should have some money and some ideas come into the collective mind to keep financing the project. like: “the group should have a pair of big composters so that they can have a regular income of money by selling compost.” we need more ideas. share them with me and we will try to make then a reality.

in order to have a common view about re:farm, what are the guide lines for the local groups and where are we going to evolve I hope that this email will promote the discussion inside our community to be able to have a definitive model about re:farm and how do we place on the planet.

the first time that someone questioned me about this was rocio in argentina with her curious mind :) since then we have a lack of “about this project” and the FAQs and my visit to new york only made this a completely urgent to-do task :p

the financial model for re:farm also rise some urgent questions. a foundation? a cooperative? how do we manage money in different economies? for now is has been more or less easy since I manage more the hours that the developers contribute to the project then the money that comes in.
in development of refarm we have until now 3842 hours, we had receive from institutions 4037€ + some travels expenses and I’ve invested 41.065€ since the begging of the project.
the institutions that gave us support until now are also important. I hope that we continue to work with them and search others with similar profiles. all of them have embraced refarm and all of them, with no exemption, received us so well on their cities.
here is the list :
medialab_prado, madrid, hangar.org – bracelona, intermediae – madrid, straddle3 – barcelona, architecture university of donostia – donostia, el forn de la calç – calders, cceba – buenos aires, mal au pixel – paris, eyebeam.org – new york, andes sprout society – andes, new york city resistor – brooklyn, farm city – brooklyn and llull – barcelona

there is also some issues that we should discuss related to our cc license.
we have this license where you are free to share and to adapt the work under the following conditions:
you must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author. you may not use this work for commercial purposes. and if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same license. jon with his company stem2gether raised this questions and we are working together so that we can have a model where everyone can win.

I’ve setup 1 google docs in where we should type our thoughts over this questions. please, add your contribution. together we will build a strong community that we all can identify with.

to have some control over the project (i don’t have to have my email box bombed with: ” this don’t work man!! ” I’ve restrict the access to the community for the people who participates in the workshops and people that I invite because their precious skills.
we build open-prototypes and sharing skills and knowledge is what this is all about.

talking about groups, sharing, and their evolution process we have created a new blog with some new amazing possibilities.
-now each person has his own blog where she can see what is the critical information to know at any time. the personal blogs are your posts about your personal projects and side bars that display critical information. this side bars are: local climate profile, local weather conditions and data that comes from the farm.

the groups will also have a dedicated page for themselves like this one from ny group

and side bars with pertinent information about their location. the home page will also change

and we will have a quick world refarm browser so that the user can surf though the re:farmers projects

-we also build a store

mainly to serve the groups and their activities and it also be the place to receive donations. you can donate money that is directly connected to human hours or you can donate a farm to one institution chosen by you or by a list that we have.
-the groups will now be able to make DIT prototypes and document their process

ok guys, that all for now :)
happy vegetables, looking forward to eat with you all at the same table :D

back home

after 3 months in ny is time to go home and prepare for the winter.

in ny I meet people very committed with finding a sustainable path and I’ve found a city were organic is trendy :) but also great work was done in this project. check out the posts of basak, andrew and the collective farms of andes and old stone house. we also had some hardware planned that didn’t came out: the new boards refarm on eyes, batteries on and refarm with sun. the programmers to develop the software tools didn’t show up to our open call at eyebeam so we have some tools that still don’t saw their daylight. like this “what to seed tool”

the truth is that my objective of making this tool universal has become obviously insane by the amount of datasets, their different protocols, availability and of course by the characteristics of our planet and your reality. for example, to determine if a vegetable is suitable for you, I must know you, your local conditions, weather, climate, seeds available, and were do you find all this resources near you. then connect this to your physical conditions, your dietary choices, plant characteristics, their life cycle and your budget ;)

so we need to changed the strategy and focus in one small set and then adapt step by step to other cities.

the winter is perfect for this kind of job were 90% is research and the other 10% is fun :)

stay in touch and if you by casuality are in madrid 4th-5th november, I’ll be a speaker at ‘Prototyping Cultures‘ at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

week 3, 4

planning, build team, survive.

first let’s go to the survive in ny. here are the conditions today: Scattered Thunderstorms 31º max, 23º min, Humidity 52%, sunrise 05h00 sunset 20h00. 15h of sun exposure, the plants are happy :) what they are not probably happy with is reflected on my feet. coming from brooklyn by bike at 09h00, 12.1km, all day at eyebeam, freezing (24º inside AC blasting my head) get out 7h later, bike again to brooklyn and my feet arrive with suspicious black stripes.



this diagram has changed a lot in the last days. and it will change again sometime soon :D but I think that from it you can have an idea of what’s going on now and for the next season in terms of development.

refarm timeline 2010|11


2 heavy heights join the team, jon santiago and andrew o’malley :) and we are still looking for 3 more. one programer, one researcher and one agricultural engineer so if you are around and willing to help send me a email newyork{at}refarmthecity{dot}org

refarm @ ny week 2

just arrived and we had schedule a public presentation of refarm. it was during the open studios event that occurs in eyebeam every month. the public comes and speaks with the residents, fellows and interns. so we had to make an express farm mainly because we need to have something to talk about :) since talk and drinks are things that go well together the eyebeam farm is a mentha-bar. a farm for teas, mojitos and caipirinhas ;)  we built it mainly from stuff that we’ve found in the neighborhood. and what a nice neighbors we have here at eyebeam. we grab this box from one of the galleries in front of the street.

the guy told me that every week he cuts the boxes and put it out in the street to be collected by the recycling bus.

these are best-world-class-league woods used to mail art. from this you can have a small idea of the ecological impact of transporting stuff. it should worth the trip :) but before they go to recycling (whatever that is depending on the day and the city that you live) we are gonna extend this box life-cycle and make a nice box for our farm.

the scarecrow was laser cutted by our first intern with me here at eyebeam. ladies and gentleman, I present to you Basak Haznedaroglu :)
here with Steve Lambert on the lasercut-express-workshop
basak is a second year MFA design and technology student at Parsons New School for Design here in new york. she will stay with us until september and she has already start farming :)
so this are the news for now. next week more news about our workshop eyebeam<>andes.

refarm @ ny week 1

a classic. 39º of fever and here I go from barcelona to new york.

I arrived without a place to live during this 3 months. for now my friend zach lieberman let me stay some days at his house but it’s not easy to find something decent and cheap in this town..and let me say that both concepts cheap and decent here take another form :p if you know something email ASAP :D

I was very welcomed at eyebeam :) friendly people and amazing conditions for an artist develop his work. here are the laser cutters, under me the 3D printer and the large format printer. there is also a wood workshop and some electronic tools.

and a nice dutch bike :)

next stop was andes sprout society. I went by bus on a 4 hour trip. I arrived and all in the house were waiting for me to start dinner. uau, delicious!!.. it was just what I needed.. good food and great new friends.

andes is upstate new york. from there comes the water that the city drinks and washes herself. is one of those small places on earth where you can see the whole ecosystem in front of your eyes. there are millions of fire flies during the night (a sign of low air pollution) and me and jeni saw a bear. the whole food chain was there including us, humans.

this week is not over yet, tiago, maria, andreas and fransini are all in paris giving the refarm workshop @ mal au pixel festival. let’s wait from news and see some pictures of the first refarms in paris :)

this is getting fun :p

let me put update with the latest news and the backstage moves or should I say the underground growth of the refarm project.

so where to start.. the wiki is getting fat. we have feed her with a lots of info but there is still work to do.. the watering system or the code for download.. speaking about code we have now a svn server:) tiago @ refarm lisbon is building all the structure of refarm server and architecting the data flow. is a huge work managing all data and connect the physical farms with the digital world:p

the refarmers are all also growing.  tiago has just started the refarm group in lisbon in altlab.org. we now have a fantastic group in buenos aires as you can see on by individual pages they have been working a lot:) always hard the farm work. the barcelona group has also been working quite a lot. the spring is here and the farms are almost ready. have a look on our flickr account, the bcn set.

and we are expanding our groups to other cities. we had some enthusiastic invitations!! one from new york and another from paris. ops!.. all these travels.. we need to make more farms to reduce our footprint but that’s easy for us :p

refarm @ ny

the idea started during a meal with sue lea. we where both hanging around those days in hangar. (a hot summer refreshed by those cherries from the yellow house back yard:) I was collecting pearls over 2 tones of etrash and she was making sex with it :p we draw what could be a tech-connection between the humans and their food. the new yorkers and nature. why not?  then came the invitation of andes sproud society. they are near ny have a lot of space, are on a sustainable path, do organic and want to share their house. has they say “Andes Sprouts Society (ASsociety) works towards the exchange of knowledge and labor of urban gardening and field farming, the sustainability of the land, the emergent media exploration, while engaging artists in eco-bio-media issues from an international perspective.” and we engage with them :) we’ll be connecting andes to new york citizens and develop open hardware tools for farmers.

connecting people to their food is one of the main ambition of refarm. this link to food provided by technology is one of our tools in refarm. we now have the boards on a beta version, the software on his early stages and a social network to develop. so we pursuit eyebeam :) we’ve applied to their summer 2010 residency program and we got it!! :) I’ll be in ny from 15jun until 15 september and in spring 2011 for 2 more months.

refarm @ paris

refarm is already in paris since our farmer fransini recently moved there :) and then came the invitation from mathieu to be part of mal au pixel 2010 – Festival des Cultures Open Source – édition #5 21-27 juin 2010. we will have a big team there for a big workshop and establish the paris group.

stay in touch, the next months will be funny :p

refarm @ cceba BA final report

uau done, the last days have been busy.. but we are very happy with the results and with the collaboration of gobi :) this look of clean, big horizontal lines, the electronics location and the 30º angles of the wires are all gobi’s responsibility:p a great work here!!

but as every work-in-progress we faced some problems and best of all we faced some new problems:
-the watering system is complex with many moving parts.
-the connections of the bottles were hard to find a perfect solution. it can’t drop a single drop of water. but is a tremendous tool of data visualization. at a glance you can see how many 1L bottles of water your farm is consuming
-the water pumps demand to much water from the first bottle. we had to place a new one between the first and the second bottle.
-we have notice a watering difference between the first hole and the last one.. this farm has 4 meters long. we added more holes to the ending and made different sized holes but we should understand better what happens here.
-uploading the code to the boards stop to be problematic after we made a cables that shortcuts the radios sockets.
-data upload is working but is so juvenile:) we must work on the alert systems, the architecture of the data flow and the data visualization tool

this refarm is working but we assume that it will take a serious maintenance.
we hope that our recently born “refarmBA group” with the help of cceba can use this new tool has part of their medialab. you guys have a new toy in town :) we hope that you have fun and talk to everyone about it ehehhe

see you soon buenos aires and thanks again judith, all the cceba crew, agus clan, rocio, pablo, oscar, gabi, cyntia, galeria appetite, the ice cream makers:) and all the participants of the refarm workshops.

best to you all,

share the design and share the knowledge

we are not here to sell electronics nor boards. that’s why we share the designs and have a wiki, you can make your own refarm. there are no big factories producing our boards only small ones and they are the refarm groups that we are step by step spreading all over the planet. for example we are now in buenos aires and we don’t have any board with us. we contacted a local factory DAI ICHI (the only factory we fond with environmental concerns) we send them the designs and they are gonna make 20 boards for our workshops and the cceba farms. since we love process you can have a look on buenos aires flickr set and take a tour on DAI ICHI.
we were very welcomed by mr. henrique shoji. it will take 1 week to produce them so in the mean time we are going to find the components. I think farnel has some kind of representation here in argentina.

despise all this intents to get everything local from the seeds to the soil there aren’t components manufactures spread all over the planet. all the electronics in our days are produced in china and her neighbors. amazing china :) china has also more than 1000 different varieties of rice!! we definitely must go there:)

this is why we are here. we want to share the vegetables, know their conditions, their properties, how they fit on your gastronomy and on your urban farm.

after working all day in our wiki.. now we are gonna share some beers with articultores group :)

buenos aires plan.

buenos aires, argentina. the summer is here and apart the topical rain that washes the dirty streets the sun is powerful just what our veggies need. during this first days we’ll try to understand what are we gonna do and where to find raw materials for our job. this farms are judith concept and we will build the watering systems and send data into the web. in between we will feed our wiki, try to have a prototype sending data to our server and we will make some workshops.

this is gonna be harder than we thought.. first the physical conditions: is a underground exhibition center and I see no light in there.. second the materials: I couldn’t find any “free” stuff here.. my first requests of water pumps and second hand bicycle wheels ended all with prices-for-turists and I was no willing to pay 3x more than a brand new wheel.. sad being treated like this.. third the planning: we don’t see a concise plan. more relaxed here it seams..

apart the dirty streets, the air pollution and the stamp of turist-with-euros in my head we are being very welcomed by the CCEBA crew and agus. we are staying on agus house that is not far away from the center were the CCEBA is located. agus is a tremendous talker and very curious guy. I see long talks trough the night and a new friend appearing ;)

our official invitation came from CCEBA that means Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires. CCEBA is just restarting now with a new director and a complete new team committed with the environment and the new challenges that we all are exposed.

refarm with articultores.net

here I am on the plane to buenos aires and here it goes my carbon credits… my ass is a square, I’m still with a cold, 39º of fever and 13h on the same seat doesn’t give any health:)

we will pass the next month working with Judith and her team. yep I’ve said we, tiago will come from lisbon next week;) we don’t have a final plan only some ideas, but one thing is for sure we will be refarming a lot hehehe first things first: Judith, where do you keep all the trash in your city?

december plan


today me and dani quilez are in fablab-bcn hosted in IACC with susanna tesconi, our friend from interactivos09. we made an “agreement”: they let us use the lazer cut and we exchange their kindness with a refarm presentation and mini workshop. we are here making the boxes for the seeds and for the eletronics. we use cardboard that we found this evening in the middle of the street on our way to IACC :)


next 10 december, we will be here in donostia. the day starts with david juarez and then I’ll give a small lecture about refarm. after we feed ourselves we’ll go built farms all together :)

2009-12-10 straddle+refarm GAZT

in the middle time we’ll travel to portugal spending there the kristmas. we’ll expect to have the boards delivered from china!! how sustainable.. and assemble them in altlablx.org. if you are near come and give us a hand :p

november report

great november I should say.. we’ve been in cáceres making farms with wheels, we had a food-meeting in cacis.cat. feed our bodies and draw great plans together around the table on open-air :) news soon I promise.  in between I’ve been fighting with eagle (the software that I use to draw the electronic boards) and the boards are almost ready for factory. since we are in a hurry and we don’t have a lot of cash we’ll produce only 20 each. there are 3 boards now: refarm on vacations, refam on the sofa and refarm lights on. we’ll postpone to january 2 boards: refarm on the wall and refarm on mini vacations. all to fit in buenos aires schedule. buenos aires?? yep, buenos aires.. we were invited by the artist judith villamayor to collaborate on her project articultores.net. me and tiago we’ll be in argentina from 29jan > 10mar. if you are near you know, be our guest and come refarming with us. talking about who is near who and friends that you miss around you, we never thought that we would have the chance to visit so soon our friends, santiago, belén and nahuel :)

cu soon hehehe

october progress

what a mess this blog:) during the next month we will try to upgrade this domain with new tools (a wiki) and divide what is refarm and his process. but this post was to update info.

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 12.49.07

on 26.out I’ve presented refarm the city on global eco forum during the pecha kucha event. 600 eyes and ears!! check the video here. we have also some news on the electronics field. we have a new board:)

refarm on mini vacations

is called “refarm on mini vacations” and is a compressed and enhanced version of the “refarm on vacations” board.

this baby has:

1 temperature sensor

1 light sensor

4 humidity sensors

3 water pumps or electric valves

1 arduino

and radio communications

we are making the last tests and soon we’ll send then to produce on a environmentally friend factory.. does any one knows any?