Scraps-grown fruits n’ vegetables

I’ve recently came across again a habit i neglected for a while. Given its role as a good alternative to composting, besides relatively quick reap, growing food scraps can be fairly inexpensive, ludic and also prevents landfill saturation. There are lots of ordinary edibles we frequently buy that would easily grow on a sunny window sill, mostly, in water, pebbles or soil, as stated here. In order to accomplish that, you might want to know that starting food scraps out in water is often a helpful way to jumpstart a plant, until it establish itself and may be able to be transferred to some other substrate.

Here you go, nearly 1-2 days after i’ve cut this leek section, i would spot it growing again. :)


And voilà:


You would not need more than this that you see on the pic. Juste make sure you keep roots in contact with the water, and nature will do the rest. Five days later i already had a small sprout popping out; you can also see at the background a sprout of avocado (i’ve cut a section so you could see it from a better angle) i had previously caught in a Rio forest . As i stated, there are severall ones you could play along with, as ginger, green onions, lemon grass, potatoes, garlic, and so on.

You must want to notice that in order to grow organic, non-GMO vegetables at home, you will need to start with organic produces.

Good luck reducing your grocery bill ;)


Worth a glance:


Black Thumb Gardener;


Pão dos Essênios

‘Com va això?’

New expressions, ‘same thoughts’ (would we classifie it like that since it’s a matter of language ?¿?¿)!

Considering this major food struggle we’ve been living, sovereignety, autonomy and empowerment are crucial… saying no to some things, but mostly saying ‘yes’ as a creative and positive way of developing others :) Reappropriate some skills, knowledge and techniques, and leaving the place to ‘new’ (ancient knowlodge) ones.

Essens (sprouted grain) bread is a nice way of illustrating that point of view. Wheat grains and sunlight is all we need :)


Germinate your grains


crush them,


until you’ll get a modulable pasta.

modelando 2

Then just let the sunshine works and enjoy :)


Referência para meus amigos lusofonos :)


garden of soupgreen

makes  hot salty water tasty

The garden of soupgreen will consit of a mixture of root vegetables. It is a mixture of vegetables that are used for a wide range of recepts but i prefiere tu use them in there most common way. To make a clear soup out of it. It is simllar to green caldo here in spain. Basicliy it is a very comon mixture of vegetables that are used in all over europe but its origen is the northern region of europe. As generall soup is a winter food. It makes you feel well and heats you from inside. Good against colds and supports your wellbeing during wintertime. I love soup!

The ingredients:

– cleriac
– parsley
– leeks
– parsley root
– rutabaga
– chives


Makeing a clear soup:

Just add nearly the same amout of those things you see on that picture above for 1 liter of soup. This is no  quantum physics so the amounts doesn’t have to be so precise. I prefiere the doble amount of  cleriac because it is very rich in taste and i like it a lot. Fill the bole with water and add min. one spoon of salt. Add the soupgreen and cook it on low heat till the carrots are soft. Could take 20 – 30 ‘min.


makes your clear soup a little bit thicker. You prepaire the Einbrenn before you start making the basic soup.


Basically I dont care too much about the amount of butter or flour. Thats because I dont have a balance and you can’t measure butter and four volumetricly in a comperative way. So I use 1 spone of butter and 2 spoons of flour. Melt the butter on low fame. Add 2 spoons of the flour. Add the flour gently. Mix it till it reaches a very dense consitance. It should become a dense liquid/paste and not lumpy. If the conistance is good you add one glass of cold water and mix it all up. Cook it for min. 5 minutes; better 10 that the starch opens. Thats importent for the flavor. Einbrenn or Roux is very commen in cooking. This recept for soup is called the white roux and is the base for white sauces. If you heat the flour butter mixture longer till it gets dark, it is the base for dark souces. You use that for meat dishes etc..


This is a traditional austrian soup that combines the best things in the world of cooking! Creeps and soup.

How to make creeps:


So for me when I’am hungry I use 2 eggs, half a liter of milk and than add the flour till it reaches a dense consitence. I have no balance so I add flour till the mixture gets semifluid and it dosen’t taste to much like flour. If  you added to much flour, add more milk for equibrilation. Always but a little salt to the mixture.
Heat vegetal oile on a hot fame and try too make the creeps as thin as possible. They taste better when they are thinner. When you are done. You roll them and cut them in small strips. That is what in Austria is called “Frittaten”.

Add the amount of frittaten you what to eat and add the hot soup. Add small cut chives at last and thats it and dont forget a littlepit of pepper. Enjoy your winterday.