last day in paris. exhibition, friends, food and noise :)

yeah.. last day here at gaité lyrique.. we brought the trash that we used during this days to the exhibition flour,

2012-05-26 at 16-23-43

and here is our bokashi composter, the kitchen farm and the mobile seed bank. they look great and work!!

2012-05-26 at 16-22-17

2012-05-26 at 16-22-49

after we gave a brief words, martin suprises everyone with his worm noiseiiii

2012-05-26 at 16-31-56

2012-05-26 at 16-32-39

2012-05-26 at 16-40-12

shu lea and malik had prepeared a nice meal for everyone

2012-05-26 at 16-50-10 2012-05-26 at 16-51-29 2012-05-26 at 16-49-46

I would like to thank andreu, malik, andreas and fransini for all the help, knowledge and warmth. tks guys, I hope we can work again soon ;)

2012-05-26 at 16-49-35