talk with students about ocean contamination and ecodesign


today I gave a talk to the students of Visual Comunication and Design in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. I started with this article and then show pictures of cris jordan. them I moved to ecodesign telling my personal evolution has a designer with stories were I found trash designed by me and how I now approach to design with considerations for the environmental impacts during the lifecycle of a product. Rio de Janeiro, has all the big cities, still make today the worst examples on how our daily live cause huge damage to other species that we share the same round planet.

trash in rio de janeiro


quick update

ops, think I’ve forgot to tell you :p this afternoon I’ll be speaker on Culture|Futures: Transições para uma Era Ecológica.

I’m here in são paulo invited by the spanish cultural center in SP and last week we had a fantastic workshop. check here some fotos.

having a great time, the food is familiar, culture and language too but the most amazing was see this tropical climate up-cycling all this nature, vegetables and people.

kirsten from faircompanies made this videos from the refarm the city project, have a look and don’t make funny of my english and spanish :p




ok, see you soon in tarragona and them madrid ;)


next stop madrid

last week I went to madrid to give a talk in CSIC

it’s strange thinking how to explain the re:farm project to anthropologist and sociologists. but it went well:) I gave a brief description about what is the re:farm project, which tools do we use, how are the nodes build and organized and in which stage are we on the development of the tools. lot’s of questions, many of them I’ve never thought about it before :) it’s great to have someone completely out of our field of study to review and give different perspectives.

but before I went to the talk I had a meeting with manuela from matadero and here comes the great news: re:farm will have a residency on their “el ranchito” program. more news soon ;)

electro smog festival

refarm the city will participate in a public discussion about sustainable food strategies. the focus will be on the use of new methods and technologies to understand the relations between modern reality of food production and both, natural and social environments, as well as providing alternative ideas. get online 20th of March, Saturday, from 16.00 till 18.00 CET into the Electro Smog Festival

october progress

what a mess this blog:) during the next month we will try to upgrade this domain with new tools (a wiki) and divide what is refarm and his process. but this post was to update info.

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 12.49.07

on 26.out I’ve presented refarm the city on global eco forum during the pecha kucha event. 600 eyes and ears!! check the video here. we have also some news on the electronics field. we have a new board:)

refarm on mini vacations

is called “refarm on mini vacations” and is a compressed and enhanced version of the “refarm on vacations” board.

this baby has:

1 temperature sensor

1 light sensor

4 humidity sensors

3 water pumps or electric valves

1 arduino

and radio communications

we are making the last tests and soon we’ll send then to produce on a environmentally friend factory.. does any one knows any?