doors open @ l’hort del circ


today we open the circu’s farm to the public. from 19h to 22h we had music, drinks and talked with everyone interested on this particulary urban farm. it took us 2 years and the contribution of many people on design, building structures, maintain things alive and keep the place clean. it’s a just a joy looking to the green spot we have created over the ruins of a roman circus ;) thanks everyone that stoped by and a special thanks to all of you who made this urban farm possible.

quick update

ops, think I’ve forgot to tell you :p this afternoon I’ll be speaker on Culture|Futures: Transições para uma Era Ecológica.

I’m here in são paulo invited by the spanish cultural center in SP and last week we had a fantastic workshop. check here some fotos.

having a great time, the food is familiar, culture and language too but the most amazing was see this tropical climate up-cycling all this nature, vegetables and people.

kirsten from faircompanies made this videos from the refarm the city project, have a look and don’t make funny of my english and spanish :p




ok, see you soon in tarragona and them madrid ;)