1st Bokashi Batch

Hey guys, my bokashi system is more or less operational by now. After two weeks fermenting the papers in plastic bags, I laid them in the sun to dry. There were some air pockets in the plastic bags, which resulted in a few colorful fungi at some spots of the paper (I think Nestor had the same situation).


For the composting tank I found this 8L bucket (including airtight lid), a strainer with a slightly smaller diameter, and plastic drain valve.IMG_1447 As you can see in the picture I already cut off the handle from the strainer, and dented the grid so it fits in a stable manner at the bottom of the the tank.2014-06-01_13-05-26_515Subsequently I made a whole at the bottom and screwed in the valve (optionally you can use some Teflon tape on the thread to make sure there are no leaks).2014-06-07_12-19-57_849So this what my ‘final product’ looks like. Time to start filling it up!

day#5 workshop @ iaac

today we continued the bokashi system. we clear the rice serrum with a coffe paper filter


add 10 parts of milk and let it rest for more 2 weeks.


then we started the construction of the hardware: we got 2 17L butter buckets carefully washed.


laser cuted a circle with holes to let the “liquids” leachate drain to the bottom of the container. 


and then we started to make the stand that will go to IaaC’s kitchen.


we found some woods that were already cutted. a perfect fit


nestor and xavi made it more stable


to finish with glory and happy bellies, wen and amina made us an amazing rice with mushrooms, potatoes, onions and “herbs”


it was delicious!!


day#4 workshop @ iaac

today some of IaaC students went for some short vacations so we went to visit a place they already know. valldaura.


we went walking from mundet metro station. ~1h climbing collserola park

valldaura walking path

we were welcomed with open harms and dirty hands by nuria ;)

after a short visit to the main building, green fab lab, woodshop, the kitchen and the property we started the preparation of one of the most important tools for a urban farmer. well for every urban , I would say, since you can include here cats and gods :p the bokashi system.

first we need to make a starch base. we used rice and shake it with water. 1 clean jam glass + ⅓ of rice +⅓ of water + ⅓ of air. shake it, take the rice. leave the jam glass lousy closed (must breath) for 15 days in a dark, ventilated and fresh place.

bokashi step1

we were supposed to cook the rice, but since silvia was already cooking for some workers we were invited to join the same table :) a great pasta with ginger!! we here also eating an omolette so we gave our rice to the chicken :p

next week we have holidays. the right time to let the rice milk work for us ;)