Polycarbonat & readymades

After the first meetings with Constantine from AAA we could not  come to an conclusion , what is should be.We are generaly concerned about to make the most suitable solution that really fits for the place and its persons. Or too stress Deleuze & Guattari to produce a black hole / white wall effect in the vitrine.  So in the first meeting we could not  find a suitable solution that convinced Constantin to be adequate for there office.   Time passed on and I was chewing on the topic , over and over again. We had the need to  use this 30 cm width for a vertical farm. So the best way I thought should  be to reenforce the allready existing structure. Recycle it.  Till now the plates  of PC are used to hold smaler things, books and papers that are presented to the passengers   that pass by the office. To carry the amount of earth that allows to  grow plants , they are way too weak. To improve the structure I decided to use  measuring sticks and ressemble an traditional construction technic, the trussed beam. The beauty of that proposal is that it is not a citization of an old technic . The readymade solution converts the technic in something new, that stands for something different and in that case for the work of AAA.

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Acerca de andreas

Is a trained chemist and architect. He got trained at the Treibacher Chemical Factories where he got formed in different laboratories like Reseach & Development , Active Oxigen, Central Analyses etc.. etc... Then after a profound and wide education in chemistry, he was 2 years responsable for the physical laboratory of the Rare Earth Division. Made the school leaving examination at night and moved on to Graz to study chemistry. After two years of chemistry, from one day to another, in a somehow schizophrenic move he decided to become an architect. A decision he never regreted. He studied architecture at the TU GRAZ and at ETSA Sevilla and worked in different national and international architectual studios in Vienna, Sevilla and Barcelona. For 2010 he will get founded with the Nicola Tesla Schoolarship that will take him to Paris. Currently he is living in Barcelona, prepairing to finish his studies in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts.