Scraps-grown fruits n’ vegetables

I’ve recently came across again a habit i neglected for a while. Given its role as a good alternative to composting, besides relatively quick reap, growing food scraps can be fairly inexpensive, ludic and also prevents landfill saturation. There are lots of ordinary edibles we frequently buy that would easily grow on a sunny window sill, mostly, in water, pebbles or soil, as stated here. In order to accomplish that, you might want to know that starting food scraps out in water is often a helpful way to jumpstart a plant, until it establish itself and may be able to be transferred to some other substrate.

Here you go, nearly 1-2 days after i’ve cut this leek section, i would spot it growing again. :)


And voilà:


You would not need more than this that you see on the pic. Juste make sure you keep roots in contact with the water, and nature will do the rest. Five days later i already had a small sprout popping out; you can also see at the background a sprout of avocado (i’ve cut a section so you could see it from a better angle) i had previously caught in a Rio forest . As i stated, there are severall ones you could play along with, as ginger, green onions, lemon grass, potatoes, garlic, and so on.

You must want to notice that in order to grow organic, non-GMO vegetables at home, you will need to start with organic produces.

Good luck reducing your grocery bill ;)


Worth a glance:


Black Thumb Gardener;


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