what a niiiice workshop we had :) for the ones that have the pleasure to know donostia you can imagine the great time that we had here. great food, great weather, great people and an amazing landscape. here you feel the power of the nature on all her glory :) the sea is strong, the trees are huge, the green is dense and the people are mimetic to these surroundings.

we where invited by jon and josemi. they are both professors at the university of architecture. the day started with david juarez from straddle 3 describing the flying 5Y journey of their recent co-work on open.hack.arquitecture. a work where ecosystems and the needs of home or public space for humans are in a constant dialog. like josemi observed “david has spoken 1 hour and breath 2 times” a breathless presentation indeed! then I made a smaller (and slower;) presentation of the refarm project, we all went to eat and then we started to built. we built a hanging farm and a vermicompost based on this design. we didn’t find fabric on the streets so the vermicompost is unfinished. the farm has mentha piperita and allium schoenoprasum obviously we made 1/2 L mojitos for everyone when we finished the workshop :p on the farm we implement the watering system but is unfinished. the water pump is not in a very good condition, should be replaced. we didn’t finish the holes in the tubes and we must put the sensors in place and the board. luckily there is an “arduino” group here in donostia so the electronics implementation should be easy :)

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is a designer and early became interested in 3 things: drawing, assemble / disassemble mechanisms and spelunking. studied analytic photography, design and graphic arts. worked as a designer in Tomar where he started his own studio. lived 3 years in Porto before went to Lisbon working on some well knowned advertising agencies. in 2006 moves to barcelona, by love. also gets involved with ecodesign and later with electronics and physical computing. was a founding partner, graphic designer, creative director and production manager. has won several awards of design, marketing and creativity. now he is a eco-designer and media artist focused on bringing the unknown beauty of nature to humans.