refarm @ ny week 1

a classic. 39º of fever and here I go from barcelona to new york.

I arrived without a place to live during this 3 months. for now my friend zach lieberman let me stay some days at his house but it’s not easy to find something decent and cheap in this town..and let me say that both concepts cheap and decent here take another form :p if you know something email ASAP :D

I was very welcomed at eyebeam :) friendly people and amazing conditions for an artist develop his work. here are the laser cutters, under me the 3D printer and the large format printer. there is also a wood workshop and some electronic tools.

and a nice dutch bike :)

next stop was andes sprout society. I went by bus on a 4 hour trip. I arrived and all in the house were waiting for me to start dinner. uau, delicious!!.. it was just what I needed.. good food and great new friends.

andes is upstate new york. from there comes the water that the city drinks and washes herself. is one of those small places on earth where you can see the whole ecosystem in front of your eyes. there are millions of fire flies during the night (a sign of low air pollution) and me and jeni saw a bear. the whole food chain was there including us, humans.

this week is not over yet, tiago, maria, andreas and fransini are all in paris giving the refarm workshop @ mal au pixel festival. let’s wait from news and see some pictures of the first refarms in paris :)

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