potatoes box

hi :) this is a prototype of a potato box to grow potatoes in the city.

this idea came from an invitation from derek to the eyebeam residents to participate in Farm City: Where Are You Growing? A Celebration of Urban Agriculture!

Derek Denckla, editor of thegreenest.netand founder of FarmCity.US, has curated a three weekend program series for the French Institute Alliance Francais (FI:AFCrossing the Line Festival.

Over three weekends, Farm City celebrates Urban Agriculture and explores the possibilities of a new agrarian future within the current urban reality.

for now here is some pictures from the concept to the farm. during the next months we will be adding rings with soil leading the plants to a constant reach for light and you can see here how the farm is doing by visualizing her temperature, light exposure and moisture from the 4 sensors. this farm is going to produce potatoes for the new’s year dinner :)

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