october progress

what a mess this blog:) during the next month we will try to upgrade this domain with new tools (a wiki) and divide what is refarm and his process. but this post was to update info.

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 12.49.07

on 26.out I’ve presented refarm the city on global eco forum during the pecha kucha event. 600 eyes and ears!! check the video here. we have also some news on the electronics field. we have a new board:)

refarm on mini vacations

is called “refarm on mini vacations” and is a compressed and enhanced version of the “refarm on vacations” board.

this baby has:

1 temperature sensor

1 light sensor

4 humidity sensors

3 water pumps or electric valves

1 arduino

and radio communications

we are making the last tests and soon we’ll send then to produce on a environmentally friend factory.. does any one knows any?

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