november report

great november I should say.. we’ve been in cáceres making farms with wheels, we had a food-meeting in feed our bodies and draw great plans together around the table on open-air :) news soon I promise.  in between I’ve been fighting with eagle (the software that I use to draw the electronic boards) and the boards are almost ready for factory. since we are in a hurry and we don’t have a lot of cash we’ll produce only 20 each. there are 3 boards now: refarm on vacations, refam on the sofa and refarm lights on. we’ll postpone to january 2 boards: refarm on the wall and refarm on mini vacations. all to fit in buenos aires schedule. buenos aires?? yep, buenos aires.. we were invited by the artist judith villamayor to collaborate on her project me and tiago we’ll be in argentina from 29jan > 10mar. if you are near you know, be our guest and come refarming with us. talking about who is near who and friends that you miss around you, we never thought that we would have the chance to visit so soon our friends, santiago, belén and nahuel :)

cu soon hehehe

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Acerca de hernani

is a designer and early became interested in 3 things: drawing, assemble / disassemble mechanisms and spelunking. studied analytic photography, design and graphic arts. worked as a designer in Tomar where he started his own studio. lived 3 years in Porto before went to Lisbon working on some well knowned advertising agencies. in 2006 moves to barcelona, by love. also gets involved with ecodesign and later with electronics and physical computing. was a founding partner, graphic designer, creative director and production manager. has won several awards of design, marketing and creativity. now he is a eco-designer and media artist focused on bringing the unknown beauty of nature to humans.