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last june when we discovered the tennis balls as a low budget solution to divide one input of water to many, maintain the pressure equal on any output and the cherry was that this object, since its made of rubber, the connections are always leak proof. we scream a eureka after the brain storming and went to drink some beers. the day was over and full of glory. apart of being worldwide available, its not always that you find a easy solution for a complex problem of design that can be posted on our wiki and implemented on all the refarm groups. I was very happy with this solution until I came to ny.. last week when we build the menta farm for eyebeam Basak when to get some materials: tequila, sugar, lemon, limes and tennis bals. a few days before I sent a massive email asking for old tennis bals and we got none.. apparently tennis is not so popular on our days.. so basak went to a sports store and got 3 for a dollar:) and then the disaster happen.. after cutting the tennis ball and force the tubes to enter on the holes the rubber started to crack..

no idea why.. the fact that they are new is my guess. maybe the rubber needs some tennis matches before she his ready for our farms. further tests needed on this field. now it’s time to theorise and then make new field tests :)

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