garden and wheels

Building a garden with wheels with recycled materials that you find on the street is not a easy task.  If  you want some design, the task is even harder. My solution is the ready made solution (thank you marcel duchamp). The shopping cart. In spain called carro de compras fullfills this purpose perfectly. With dimensions of 90x35x45 cm it nearly reaches 145 Lit of volume. That is quite okey for a small home garden with wheels.  When you look at the picture, than you see that it is hardly too imagine to design something more adequate than that ready made shopping cart for our purpouse. The wheels could be bigger and the mesh smaller , but for something that you can find on the street it is quite a solid solution. Big space for the  water tanks, solid welded metal construction, handy handle to move that thing,  comes with four wheels and it fits through the entrance door. Yes i’m quite happy with my solution. :)

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Acerca de andreas

Is a trained chemist and architect. He got trained at the Treibacher Chemical Factories where he got formed in different laboratories like Reseach & Development , Active Oxigen, Central Analyses etc.. etc... Then after a profound and wide education in chemistry, he was 2 years responsable for the physical laboratory of the Rare Earth Division. Made the school leaving examination at night and moved on to Graz to study chemistry. After two years of chemistry, from one day to another, in a somehow schizophrenic move he decided to become an architect. A decision he never regreted. He studied architecture at the TU GRAZ and at ETSA Sevilla and worked in different national and international architectual studios in Vienna, Sevilla and Barcelona. For 2010 he will get founded with the Nicola Tesla Schoolarship that will take him to Paris. Currently he is living in Barcelona, prepairing to finish his studies in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts.