independend garden 1.0

So finally we finished the hanger prototypes and here ist the final update for me on that project.

Since I’m now liveing in Paris and will do my farming here other things are going to come. Soon there will be a new re:farm blog and much more things . After long delays with the earth the projects didn’t developed very fast, but at the end we finished it quite fast. Which i think is a pitty. One week more and it would had been perfect, but doe to the starting construction on the hanger side we had to move.

What i tried is to copy a ceramic flowerpot.
The ceramic flowerpot is an amazing construction. The material is having a homogenic air circulation over the hole surface on a micro level. So the plant/earth/root/ system can breath.

My copycat flowerpot  is a doble layer system. The inner layer is a organic net that should avoid the earth from falling out. The  second layer is made out of  ceramics that i found at the Hangar-site.
What i want to do is to make the surface of evaporation smaller. The ceramics that we found at Hangar are closed so breathing isn’t possible, but there are sufficent holes in the construction that the breathing will be allowed and the cooling effect of the low thermal conductivity of the ceramics will provied there effect, which should reduce the wateruse in the mediteranien sun.

The watering system is a simple 40 Lit. sifon system and the final distribution is done with an old tennisball.
Diagram:  -O=
That system provides a pressurefall of the waterflow from the pump from my robed citroen,  which is quite strong, and provides a homoguenos watering in the tubes that finally brings the water to every plant.

My garden is a outdoor and fare fare away garden for long time  beeing independent and to grow the heavy stuff root vegetables :)  So it will work with a carbatterie that will provide the 12 V for the pump and the humidity sensors. Here the final picture i took before leaving to paris. :)

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