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As you know re:farm has its own electronic hardware.  A  selfdesigned electronic card that is a all in one solution for the electronic enthusiastic farmer. A full functional adruino on board, humidity sensor,  light sensor etc etc. // detailed information on the wiki ->re:farm on vacation board
I haven’t paid for it till now, so i dont know the price for it. Just to mention that. It comes naked with all the parts that you can than later sold onto it by yourself. Quite a funny task. I had hardly ever solded electronics chips, something that is quite small and fine to work with.  Generall i  had a littlepit of respect for that small electronic parts, at least for the digital parts. They break easily, or at least you think, but this is something that changes when you get used too working with them. It changes from esoteric to something quite physical, which i think is a good step ahead. The solding is quite simple. I followed the manual made by hernani. Now with the wiki it is way more easy i think. I just solded one part wrong. The electronic parts look quite the same and the diagram hernani made was usefull but strange but true – one photo says more than a diagram:).

Solding the card is quite an easy task and you can make it all in one day easily whitout any previous knowledge. The testing is a bit more complicated. I have a basic knowlede of adruino and electricity, but something simple how do i plug this thing in needs his own tutorial, but with the help of hernani we made the first testing with my waterpump and my re:farm on vacations board is ready to let it rain.
The foto shows hernani, with my card hooked up to the powersupply of an old computer and the waterpump from my car that found his final rest in a car cementary here in Barcelona.  Rest in peace Astrobotnia , at least some of your parts get reincarneted in an urban garden. That is quite a good afterlive.

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Is a trained chemist and architect. He got trained at the Treibacher Chemical Factories where he got formed in different laboratories like Reseach & Development , Active Oxigen, Central Analyses etc.. etc... Then after a profound and wide education in chemistry, he was 2 years responsable for the physical laboratory of the Rare Earth Division. Made the school leaving examination at night and moved on to Graz to study chemistry. After two years of chemistry, from one day to another, in a somehow schizophrenic move he decided to become an architect. A decision he never regreted. He studied architecture at the TU GRAZ and at ETSA Sevilla and worked in different national and international architectual studios in Vienna, Sevilla and Barcelona. For 2010 he will get founded with the Nicola Tesla Schoolarship that will take him to Paris. Currently he is living in Barcelona, prepairing to finish his studies in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts.