we got it!! :D we have one board working 99% uéééé
after some problems on the toxic-process-of-making-a-board we finally had 2 boards to start seed with electronics. I’ve started earlier on the soldering job and then miguel showed up a little after and start to solder on the second board, at the end of the day only miguel’s board survive the physical-torture-debug process.. millions of details that come up plus errors on the design and some powdering mysteries that are always presents on the prototypes:p but step by step, error after error we built the voltage regulator part: check, the blinking led of the ATmega: check, the pump controlled by code: check, the humidity sensors: partially check (we have 5 of 6 working>mystery #234) and the xbee module check and sending data to my computer:) so tomorrow let’s assemble all together, define the final location of the plants and upload some code.

today was also the guerrilla day:) and refarm the city,, and a lot of people went to xixón by bike and demand the last word for abandoned places or stupid corners:p

_8076279following the tradition @ refarm we’ve made a local gastronomy farm: “potaxe asturianu” (brassica oleracea, solanum tuberosum, phaseolus)


and one aromatic farm (laurus nobilis l., rosmarinus officinalis, petroselium crispum)


have a look on flickr for more photos

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