grrrrrrrrrr this is like the digital world.. we’ve got days IO :p today was a zero day.. we made 4 boards of the “refarm on vacations” and none was working.. let’s see why: we made the workshop “how to make your own board and damage the enviroment” of miguel and david where they showed us two technics: one with a termal transfer of a lazer print and another technic with a photosensitive board.SDC18398SDC18408none of the technics worked 100%,  the toner transfer didn’t worked because the quality of the ink wasn’t the right one and on the photosensitive way we couldn’t find the right combination between UV exposer, develop time, chemical balance of cloridic acid… SDC18438

blarrrrkkk a mess… I’ve damage my t-shirt forever with acid and we end the day with one liter of a very hazard cocktail that could kill a ton of life forms if not correctly disposal. I need in the future to have a closer look to this problem. is fundamental to find a sustainable tecnic or process to produce the refarm boards.

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