mantaining l’hort del circ part1

l’hort del circ is 100% made of recicled woods and once a year we need to paint everything to preserve the woods from the winter moister and the autumn rain. we normally get used oil from the local restaurants but today we’ll use 6 months of used oil from a friend’s family (tks laura;) we filter a bit and that’s it, just paint until the wood take some time to absorb the oil ;)

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autch.. this can hurts a foot!! wondering why people keep throwing trash and cristal bottles to here..

2014-08-02 at 12-31-59 2014-08-02 at 12-23-25 2014-08-02 at 12-22-50

2014-08-02 at 17-12-12

small improvement: you can visually tell how much water is inside this tank ;)

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2014-08-02 at 17-17-22

doors open @ l’hort del circ


today we open the circu’s farm to the public. from 19h to 22h we had music, drinks and talked with everyone interested on this particulary urban farm. it took us 2 years and the contribution of many people on design, building structures, maintain things alive and keep the place clean. it’s a just a joy looking to the green spot we have created over the ruins of a roman circus ;) thanks everyone that stoped by and a special thanks to all of you who made this urban farm possible.