*** Em português no final ***

In late October 2013, I went to the city of Ubatuba, on the coast of São Paulo, to participate in the Tropixel festival.

Like a good hacker festival, we had many spaces for practices and exchanges with people from different places, many learnings and good conversations!

During the week, I stayed at the Institute of Permaculture and Ecovillage of the Rainforest – IPEMA, and offered a workshop of automatic irrigation there as part of the festival program. (hoping to get some of the pictures from IPEMA to put in other post).

On the last day of the event, we did a great artistic occupation in the Pereque Açu tourist terminal that is in the middle of the city of Ubatuba. All afternoon we occupied the terminal with various activities. I borrowed some tools and seedlings from IPEMA and we did a nice urban garden in some abandoned lawns of the Terminal, it was pretty cool! Here are some pictures of the new garden.

For more event photos, visit here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tropixel


::: Em Português :::

No final de Outubro de 2013, fui para a cidade de Ubatuba, no litoral paulista, participar do festival Tropixel.

Como um bom festival hacker, tivemos espaços para muitas práticas e trocas com pessoas de diversos lugares, muitos aprendizados e boas conversas!

Durante a semana, fiquei hospedado no Instituto de Permacultura e Ecovilas da Mata Atlântica – IPEMA e ofereci uma oficina de irrigação automática por lá como parte da programação do festival, foi bem legal. (quando tiver fotos da horta do IPEMA coloco por aqui)

No último dia de programação do evento, fizemos uma grande ocupação artística do terminal turístico Perequê-Açu que fica no meio da cidade de Ubatuba. Durante toda a tarde ocupamos o terminal com diversas atividades. Pedi algumas ferramentas e mudas emprestadas ao IPEMA e fizemos um mutirão de horta urbana em alguns canteiros abandonados do Terminal, ficou bem legal! Seguem algumas fotos da nova horta.

Para mais fotos do evento, visite aqui: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tropixel


small, pretty and blasting :)

são paulo report and some considerations.

we try this one here in são paulo. the nano vacations.

don’t let you misleading by the nano scale. ok, it’s small (the diagram is 1/1) inexpensive 2$+ecofootprint, and can be mostly scavenge in a city.

still on the scale perspective and scales we don’t see, most of our electronics work on micro, nano or pico scale but the above inexpensive ecofootprint can be bigger than the 2$.. can be a 2K$.. we just don’t know.. I didn’t make the maths on the energy embodied  nor the ecological impact of our tools.. how many tons of minerals are dig from mountains and were are this mountains?

we extend the live of some materials but we also use a small % of new materials.

we also got “bugs” on the electronics hehehe in january I got this

20 tip 120 on a electronics market in beijing by 10$. when you connect 12v to them they just blow.. so insted of a tip120 darlington transistor I got 20 units of a 12V non reusable bomb that gives a blasting sound. if  this is exactly what you were looking for, I can sell them to you:p

so we just setup the watering system without the nano blasting board.

located here and by the bytes changed with pixel, the last day of the workshop was on the garoa hacher space.

wau, what a place.. full with electronics, friendly people and geeky too :) being geek is one of the most intensify intellectual activities in our days apart of fun, open and creative. thank’s guys ;) you will be a great partner of the SP re:farm group.

back to the small, pretty board: the idea is just to have some control over a system that has a bottle that recovers rain and a windshell water pump that handles the watering. the moister sensor (has a tribute to this guys) was made with local materials.

we got this boxes on a country fair around the corner.

daniela brought her used filter,

we got the water pump 2 doors away by 10RS

we got the soil from an hippic place

the bottle was gently offered by a local store (it’s amazing how people give you things when you ask materials to make a urban farm :)

in 3 days we got local materials, build one re:farm, one vermi-composter, eat good food, good drinks and of course made new friends :) looking forward to come back heheh


quick update

ops, think I’ve forgot to tell you :p this afternoon I’ll be speaker on Culture|Futures: Transições para uma Era Ecológica.

I’m here in são paulo invited by the spanish cultural center in SP and last week we had a fantastic workshop. check here some fotos.

having a great time, the food is familiar, culture and language too but the most amazing was see this tropical climate up-cycling all this nature, vegetables and people.

kirsten from faircompanies made this videos from the refarm the city project, have a look and don’t make funny of my english and spanish :p




ok, see you soon in tarragona and them madrid ;)