madrid medialab_prado workshop

yeah! this time you must run!! in 4 days we’ll be traveling to madrid to give a 6 day workshop and build together the medialab prado farms :) this workshop is free for you there are still a couple of available places!! run run to here :)


some screen shots

with proud we present some screens from the visualizar’11 workshop :)

it were 3 amazing weeks…. 12 persons working on this project 24/24.

ok, with some beers and some parties in the middle, hehehe, as always madrid has received us like no one on the planet..

soon more new from the future develop of this tool ;)

next stop madrid

last week I went to madrid to give a talk in CSIC

it’s strange thinking how to explain the re:farm project to anthropologist and sociologists. but it went well:) I gave a brief description about what is the re:farm project, which tools do we use, how are the nodes build and organized and in which stage are we on the development of the tools. lot’s of questions, many of them I’ve never thought about it before :) it’s great to have someone completely out of our field of study to review and give different perspectives.

but before I went to the talk I had a meeting with manuela from matadero and here comes the great news: re:farm will have a residency on their “el ranchito” program. more news soon ;)

next moves


here comes september and for those that live in the su-real-cities september is like the new year’s arrive :p

since this is more a city project here are our next moves on the calendar:

refarm the city @ barcelona

every thursday we’ll meet at hangar so that anyone can come and make its own board. making a board is the first step and we’ll go forward as the group grows. more news will come soon regarding refarm @ hangar :)

refarm the city @ madrid

madrid has call us again:) is amazing how a city that has so many sustainable problems has also so many sustainable activities and people willing to change. during 25, 26 and 27 of september 2009 intermediae will hold  “Semillando: Cultura sostenible en la ciudad” refarm the city was invited so I extend the invitation to you. I’ll present the project and be part of the discussion group .

refarm hydroponic


we have added some pics to our flickr account. some of them are the refarm hydroponic that we have built in interactivos09. here is the code that lalo (Eduardo Meléndez) prepared to us. enjoy and let us know what bugs did you find ;)

////////////////////////upload this code to arduino////////////////////////

int analog = 0;
int ledPin = 10;              // LED connected to digital pin 13

void setup()                    // run once, when the sketch starts
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);      // sets the digital pin as output
pinMode(3, INPUT);

void loop()                     // run over and over again
analog = analogRead(5);

if(analog < 7){

analogWrite(ledPin, 125);   // sets the LED on
delay(30000);                  // waits 3 seconds
analogWrite(ledPin, 0);    // sets the LED off
delay(10000);                  // waits for a second


analogWrite(ledPin, 0);

delay(3600000);} // waits one hour


interactivos09? reaches the end :(

we are almost done here..  we had some amazing days, lots of work, lots of fun and at the end we had made some farms here ;) we didn’t finished what we had propose.. the tools are not ready to publish on line, some kits are still underdevelopment but has we learned during this days refarm the city is hugeee!! you will see that in the next mouths. stay in touch and soon we will give some news. nothing would be possible without all collaborators of this project. here are their names and here is my grateful thanks to every one of them. you guys were amazing..

Belén Illana, Tiago Henriques, Gabriela Troncoso, Dani Quilez, Eduardo Meléndez, Mar Canet y Varvara Guljajeva

so let’s go farming :D

let’s work


the last two days were presentations, press, knowing the other projects, knowing the collaborators and of course knowing each other. we saw amazing people that have amazing garages :)

we are now settling down the ideas, trying to figure how to put re:farm madrid in practice.

have big city here: a lot of trash, a lot of people and a lot of possible future farms ;)

so.. let’s start to work!



yesterday I submit re:farm tointeractivos09 and in this process belén illana and tiago henriques joined the team. even if the project doesn’t reach the #8 on the final list.. just for adding the skills of this 2 friends to the re:farm a green spring will raise strong next year. that’s for sure! tks guys ;)