I’m here with max in laboral. max just came from washington and I from donostia. we will join david in the next hour and start to develop the new hardware. new hardware!! yeah :) the new refarm on vacations board and the new boards for kids. I’ve started a few weeks ago with david. we had more or less defined the hardware and funcionalities, got materials and this week we will try to have a prototype. more on this soon ;)

refarm kids


electronics: david pello

Hoy en día los vegetales viajan muchísimos kilometros por aire, mar y tierra. Pasan por procesos de congelación y desolación. Estos alimentos pierden propie dades y sobre todo sufren desgasto nutricional para nuestro cuerpo. En realidad, hay una gran variedad de vegetales de temporada que se pueden cultivar dentro de nuestras casas. Vegetales que simplemente habrán brotado, crecido y se habrán recogido para hacer una comida. Pero a veces no sabemos cómo cultivar y organizar nuestra huerta. Hoy en día tenemos tecnología que nos puede ayudar a mantener nuestras huertas y además nos permite comer saludablemente. ¿Te gustaría participar en esta experiencia?

refarm edu propone un ciclo de percursos lúdicos para niñ*s de exploración de herramientas destinadas a la creación y monitoreo de huertas urbanas. Durante las actividades los participantes podrán experimentar el uso de herramientas tecnologicas aplicadas a la producción autónoma de alimentos. La idea es intro ducirlos en la gestión de una huerta y experimentar el uso y la creación de aparatos tecnologicos que sirven de soporte al mantenimiento de nuestros cultivos domésticos. En el espíritu del DIT, do it together, se propone hacer un viaje por una huerta urbana donde los niños empezaran a mover sus primeros pasos en la creación cooperativa de tecnologías útiles para el planeta y nuestro bienestar.


came to gijon this weekend to another ecolab meeting. it’s amazing how much work has been done in 7 saturdays..

this weekend we build the lake, took care of the plants, draw some diagrams and worked on the cartography of the space.

ecolab funcion list diagram

keep following this co-work here



we got a lab

F.. long time that we’ve been struggling to have it and now we were invited to use it as much as we can :D

refarm the city project was invited to participate on the development of ecoLAB, an initiative of plantaformacero born at LABoral art center of gijon. it’s a one year collaborative project were we are going to develop some tools for urban farmers. but the best part is that we will not be alone :) great guests were invited: andy gracie, susanna tesconi, the guys from zoohaus, cova dos ratos, our friends maki, rubén and other collectives from spain.

here is our canvas

we will dedicate a page to these developments, go and check it :)



we got it!! :D we have one board working 99% uéééé
after some problems on the toxic-process-of-making-a-board we finally had 2 boards to start seed with electronics. I’ve started earlier on the soldering job and then miguel showed up a little after and start to solder on the second board, at the end of the day only miguel’s board survive the physical-torture-debug process.. millions of details that come up plus errors on the design and some powdering mysteries that are always presents on the prototypes:p but step by step, error after error we built the voltage regulator part: check, the blinking led of the ATmega: check, the pump controlled by code: check, the humidity sensors: partially check (we have 5 of 6 working>mystery #234) and the xbee module check and sending data to my computer:) so tomorrow let’s assemble all together, define the final location of the plants and upload some code.

today was also the guerrilla day:) and refarm the city,, and a lot of people went to xixón by bike and demand the last word for abandoned places or stupid corners:p

_8076279following the tradition @ refarm we’ve made a local gastronomy farm: “potaxe asturianu” (brassica oleracea, solanum tuberosum, phaseolus)


and one aromatic farm (laurus nobilis l., rosmarinus officinalis, petroselium crispum)


have a look on flickr for more photos


we (me, barbara, maki, miguel, david and ruben) had another day trying to make one board.. at the end we’ve two: one has some tracks missing


and the other the 2 faces don’t match very well..


they could be better but now we have something that we can work on :D we’ll do the soldering and the electrical tests tomorrow. despise the board problems the day was a full day: the press came visit us and our refarm; I’ve present refarm on the streaming live channel that we have in LABoral from here to the www; we’ve planned with ruben the guerrilla action for tomorow in xixón; and I’ve made a public presentation about refarm, the development process and the final goals of this project. now, 22:32 is time to have a nice dinner and some glasses of sidra;) cu


grrrrrrrrrr this is like the digital world.. we’ve got days IO :p today was a zero day.. we made 4 boards of the “refarm on vacations” and none was working.. let’s see why: we made the workshop “how to make your own board and damage the enviroment” of miguel and david where they showed us two technics: one with a termal transfer of a lazer print and another technic with a photosensitive board.SDC18398SDC18408none of the technics worked 100%,  the toner transfer didn’t worked because the quality of the ink wasn’t the right one and on the photosensitive way we couldn’t find the right combination between UV exposer, develop time, chemical balance of cloridic acid… SDC18438

blarrrrkkk a mess… I’ve damage my t-shirt forever with acid and we end the day with one liter of a very hazard cocktail that could kill a ton of life forms if not correctly disposal. I need in the future to have a closer look to this problem. is fundamental to find a sustainable tecnic or process to produce the refarm boards.


uau, there are days that worth it and today was one of those days:)

we have the board “refarm on vacations” ready to make the first prototype

refarm on vacations

we have tons of trash


and the leopoldo ready to start seed and apply the electronics.


have a look on more pics on our flickr account :p


one of the ideas of summerLAB is that you work on what you want and is the group that makes the plan. our group decided start from the beginning:) during these days we are going to produce a lot of organic “trash” and to take advantage of this we built a compost. tomorrow we are going to hunt for trash, urban trash: water pumps from cars, computer power supply, water reservoirs, local supplies of organic trash, electric cables, batteries and whatever more we find interesting:p



la laboral

this is a blog about process so in the next few days I’ll post the development of re:farm here in asturias. we will try to have some tools for city farmers ready to DIY. we also plan to make some farms based on local gastronomy (it seems that broads bean are quite popular here) stay in touch for the next harvest ;)


LABoralthanks nature our farms are growing, and they will stay like this during the summer. since nature is doing her job we will go and make other stuff also important for a decent urban farm: DIY refarm-electronic-low-budget-tool-kits :D and are co-producing this big-tech-camp-event just in the middle of asturias. a week of hacking, testing and have fun for all the family or as they say: “El SummerLAB es un evento participativo que se organiza con la colaboración de todxs aquellxs que quieran compartir sus conocimientos y habilidades relacionadas con la creación audiovisual y arte interactivo para potenciar la interconectividad de la escena digital española.”

from 2nd to 7th of august you will have a place to camp, big nature just at your side, and a lot of technofrikis around those days:p there are a plenty of activities planned (check on their blog) and re:farm was invited to make 1 of them. we are gonna built a low budget watering system and a data visualizer of temperature and humidity. so, get your phone and call them write now. no phone? ask by email, snail mail, fax, make a tattoo, send a message in a bottle, do whatever you need to get your place… the re:farm workshops are limited to a small amount of humans…

just in case you can’t go.. cool, we will post the process on this blog and you can always be part of the online group.

c u @ summerLAB