buenos aires plan.

buenos aires, argentina. the summer is here and apart the topical rain that washes the dirty streets the sun is powerful just what our veggies need. during this first days we’ll try to understand what are we gonna do and where to find raw materials for our job. this farms are judith concept and we will build the watering systems and send data into the web. in between we will feed our wiki, try to have a prototype sending data to our server and we will make some workshops.

this is gonna be harder than we thought.. first the physical conditions: is a underground exhibition center and I see no light in there.. second the materials: I couldn’t find any “free” stuff here.. my first requests of water pumps and second hand bicycle wheels ended all with prices-for-turists and I was no willing to pay 3x more than a brand new wheel.. sad being treated like this.. third the planning: we don’t see a concise plan. more relaxed here it seams..

apart the dirty streets, the air pollution and the stamp of turist-with-euros in my head we are being very welcomed by the CCEBA crew and agus. we are staying on agus house that is not far away from the center were the CCEBA is located. agus is a tremendous talker and very curious guy. I see long talks trough the night and a new friend appearing ;)

our official invitation came from CCEBA that means Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires. CCEBA is just restarting now with a new director and a complete new team committed with the environment and the new challenges that we all are exposed.

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