BJDW day#3

we are not the only ones building :) this is a typical construction structure of a hutong house. nice to see almost all renewal materials and low impact materials such as the briks they will use to raise the walls.


great meal pilar! tks ;)


so after running some errants and draw a bit more, today we’ll start building the table kitchen.

since this is an exhibition all objects will have a lable. here is her’s:

composting kitchen table cc-by-nc-sa design by hernani based on the artwork of, and

This table mixes a recovering water system, a pre-composting system (bokashi) and a food preparation table. Bokashi composting is a process in which organic wastes and leftovers can be anaerobically converted on ready-to-use fertilizer, using wood dust, wheat brans, or other mediums containing previously grown bacteria. It is specially suitable for urban farmers since it takes only 2 weeks to have the compost done, besides being safe and convenient, as it does not attract bugs and is odor free. Unlike more conventional composting systems bokashi systems can break down heavier items like meat, fish or cheese. Once the fermentation has completed you can add the scraps to a worm bin or bury them directly in the soil.


what’s the size of a chinese table and bench? let’s ask a neighbor

IMG_7608 IMG_7611

IMG_20140920_171858 IMG_20140920_192811 IMG_3428

we also start cutting woods for our seedbank

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 16.27.24


ps: check barcelona in beijing blog for news ;)

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Acerca de hernani

is a designer and early became interested in 3 things: drawing, assemble / disassemble mechanisms and spelunking. studied analytic photography, design and graphic arts. worked as a designer in Tomar where he started his own studio. lived 3 years in Porto before went to Lisbon working on some well knowned advertising agencies. in 2006 moves to barcelona, by love. also gets involved with ecodesign and later with electronics and physical computing. was a founding partner, graphic designer, creative director and production manager. has won several awards of design, marketing and creativity. now he is a eco-designer and media artist focused on bringing the unknown beauty of nature to humans.