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Julie is from Chandler, Arizona and went to New York University to study math. She works in marketing and enjoys biology. She lives in Brooklyn.

project – bulb jar!

Yesterday I went to Maker’s Faire with Jon and saw a lot of cool ideas and products by today’s makers.  At the Boswyck Farmbooth, I made a container out of a 2-litre bottle that waters the plant from the bottom-up.  It got me thinking…

Using only a couple tools and empty jam jars, I made 4 prototypes of bulbjars.  For the seed, I used birdseed* from the store or radish seeds.  The control is on the right; filled 1/4 full of rye grass. Next is 3/4 full of rye grass. Next is 2/3 full with rye grass and ~50% perilite in the soil. The far right one is 2 radish seeds.  You can kind-of see in the pictures that there are tubes coming out of the tops.  Once I know these containers are hospitable, I would like to try this experiment submerged in water with just the end of the hose in the air.
I bought the hoses new, but the rest was just lying around :)
* I am interested in making bird seed mixes of vegetable species that provide full nutrition to the user.  If a person can plant 5 servings of birdseed in their yard that gives them a balanced diet, it would be healthy and easy to sync with re:farm vacation boards…