Emilson Brasil Barbosa

Acerca de Emilson Brasil Barbosa

I'm from Belém, Brazil, I'm living in Europe since last year, I came to study at Université de Nantes, in France and, fortunately, I met Hernani and the project Refarmthecity, it excited me a lot because I’m always involved in projects like this, which uses technology, science and creative ideas. In Brazil, I study Environmental Engineering at Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia where I’m always encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary way in each project I develop, so it’s very good because It’s similar the way we work here, using different kinds of knowledge in one system. I have some specifics skills about electronics and programming, and it’s how I will mainly help this project, besides other expertises I might have to contribute.

Work at IAAC’s rooftop

Currently is being kept an automatic irrigation system on IAAC’s rooftop. It’s a basic version that stores data in the Arduino, how often and how much time it was on. The basic components are: a switch by pressure, an Arduino and a valve to water control.

The next step will be build one that also measure flow, temperature and humidity, and maybe use a memory card adapter, if the data isn’t monitored in real-time.

The code is ready and the system is in construction, just missing a few pieces. It will be ready soon.

This system will be in the garden that is being constructed there too, big part of the structure that will keep the garden is ready. We were (and still are) working hard, cutting and fitting pieces of wood to be the best possible.

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FAB10 Experience

This event happened in Barcelona, one of the bigger event that I ever participate, where I could learn and share a lot of information, meet some people, good contacts, specially from other FABLABs, including  one from Belém (Brasil), is where I live there. Also, I participated of some interesting workshops, one about construction of a 3D printer with a lot of materials from eletronic waste and other about Arduino, “SmartCItizen” and “Hands on Wireless Sensor Network”.

The Refarmthecity also has presented a workshop about the automatic irrigation system, the objective was tell people how to make one, learn how to build themselves, what is important about it, equipments, components and the cost (lowcost). Besides some problems with the FAB 10 the objective was accomplished, we presented the idea and made people get interested about it.

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First week

I just arrived in Barcelona and I will start soon work in the watering system with arduino. Hernani already showed me many things and sent me materials to study and improve my knowledge, so I was “recycling” what I know about electronics and programming, now I’m doing the possible to update and get the system even better. Also, I’m excited for the project’s presentation at FAB10, on the weekend, will be a good opportunity to show the great work that Refarmthecity is doing and to gain more recognition.