Basak Haznedaroglu

Web development process

The first thing I started to do when i joined the group was to improve the blog both visually and functionally. (because we all know that the default kubrick theme is really ugly and the web usability is in the minimum level!:))
So i started out with some sketches and tried to create an identity with the logo, background and some other elements of the blog. After long discussions and brainstorming with Hernani, we wanted to keep it really simple and clear for everyone but also emphasize the sustainability and urban farming perspective of the project visually.

Here are some first sketches.

And this is the last version of how we decided to develop the blog.

“What to seed” app

After designing the seed boxes and connecting with seed banks that can help us to provide the seeds (by the way we managed to get thumbs up from Hudson Valley Seed library to be our provider soon), i went ahead and started to put some information together in a processing application that will help users to decide what to seed, how to seed and where and when to seed extra. At this point, the climate zones were very essential criteria for seeding and Maria from Barcelona group helped us out to shape the climate information to put in the application.

Here are some shots of the processing app.

Since refarm is expanding in Europe and the States, I added the language options in the interface. In addition Hernani and I did some brainstorming about what information would be needed and what criterias and variables would be added to the interface. The dimensions of the farm, the location of the farm, soil types options and etc.. were the first variables we thought that would affect the whole seeding process.

Another great feature of this one was also demonstrating “the friends and enemies” of that specific seed that the user decide to grow in his/her farm. So I added two submissions on the interface, one surrounding the main seed with friend seeds that can be added to the farm and can cultivate the farm with its nutrients and stuff and the other one surrounding this circle with enemy seeds that shouldnt be added to the farm.

However at the end we decided to combine this application with “the big brother” application that manipulates all the farming process.