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Observing how culture evolves distinctly accordingly to the complex and numerous factors that make it singular is huge, especially when it comes to agriculture, and food. Besides, it is critical as well to observe the surroundings as a whole set of interconnected and dependent ‘unities’ (diverse ones). It’s a sensible task and a pretty changing as well to observe communities’ whole to keep it.  Some simple and pretty informative manuals can help us with fairly basic comprehensive guidelines to accomplish that. Although, more than being obsessed by the idea of assembling techniques and be a specialist of any kind, i could tell that dashilar taught me that farming along is mostly a matter of mutual respect and understanding. It was pretty fun an pleasant to do that at Dashilar.

Thanks everyone for the experience and Hernani for the invitation :) See you!

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Acerca de Guilherme

Passioned by life and people, Guilherme early realized we can’t claim to learn within/following the current and dominants paradigms. Being an educator he tries to make himself an ambulant experiment rassembling new dynamic transdisciplinary teaching methods and knowledge sources in order to emancipate with people in autonomous, sustainable, resilient networks. Besides, he’s a biologist specially concerned by men footprint, food souveraignty, identifying wild edible weeds, agroecology, building concrete and accessible alternatives towards transition - learning/sharing with people. Meanwhile he will be sharing his thoughts and experiences refarming the cities ;) Hard task to briefly write a description, so feel welcomed to contact at guilhermeb[at]riseup[dot]net ;))