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This would be the ‘special post’ on #bjdw day 12, as Hernani stated previously.

We could then notice a relatively good amount of neighbor urban farming at Dashilar (a Hutong at Beijing center area), at least when compared to western big cities reality, apart from some changing scenario.

The main strategy to spot urban farming on our surroundings was an attentive and patient observation while we wandered around Dashilar (still we had not much of a time), coupled to our avid wish to find something hehe. After monitoring these elements we started approaching our provisional neighbors :) That’s the tricky-hilarious funny step, since our brave translating-volunteers hadn’t an outstanding english level and i’m not a genius neither ;p

stopping by

Inquiring around – It was definitely the highlight of the trip!!! Experience this reluctanct kindness of local people, overcoming cultural dissimilitudes in order to simply exchange ideas was fantastic. Taking part on this ‘investigation’ seemed pretty crazy, even disturbing to the no more than 6 neighbors we’ve visited, probably due to the late interventions on the neighbordhood and economic ‘progress’ impacts on the area – the Hutong is becoming tourist-crowded, and my western face couldn’t help me much. The main questions-directives were: – Why gardening?; – Is this a familly issue?; – Where do you get your seeds from?; – Do you share harvest products with your neighbors?; Do you know any other urban farmers?


The overall answers were ‘i simply buy my seeds, and i grow ‘em for fun or just to make my place beautiful or more attractive glancing at.’ Inadvertently or not, vegetables grow under the highly-polluted Beijing’s atmosphere, and we can indeed spot some gardening technics, as using crushed eggshells to prevent uninvited guests (such as cutworms and slugs) and due to its high calcium carbonate content (important for plants tissues and adjusting soil’s Ph).

cracking eggs

This would be the general gardening pattern accordingly to my time/space limited-based perspective on our Beijing stay, and any further statements about that would require supplementary research.


Cucurbitaceae, peppers, radishes, eggplants, tomatoes… and some nice suspended gardens…

bit of harvesting

I even got some local variety seeds.


Still processing this achievements : )

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