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Far out of schedule, although still worthy (i guess ;p) to share my few vivid impressions on Beijing Design Week. Even though it’s been roughly four months since i began focusing on some other projects, i can tell that my stay in China still plays a key role at my late outlook.

Let’s keep it on the basic level hehe so that briefly we’ll be able to share a few on that matter on no longer than 2 or 3 posts. :)

The main idea of the workshops was conceiving collectively a set of objects, goals, ideas, and farming along with local natives and whoever would be interested on sharing and learning about experimental urban farming. More than appearing with a pre-established set of directives, we hopefully gave a meaning to our actions whilst the work flowed, and we adapted ourselves to this ‘one-of-a-kind’ group we had in this collaborative atmosphere.

#day 1 Dashilar

Arrival in Beijing followed by wood sheets hunt! Getting the workshop started looking for second hand materials to build the furniture and structures that were part of the activities (you guys can see them on Hernani’s posts). Turns out garbain is though pretty tough when you can’t hide you’re not a local ;p Thanks to MeiMei (crouching behind Emilson) we’ve made a great deal though.

photo 5

The hardest screws we’ll ever have got. Luckily Emilson found out that their castillano is up to date!hehe


More next :)

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Acerca de Guilherme

Passioned by life and people, Guilherme early realized we can’t claim to learn within/following the current and dominants paradigms. Being an educator he tries to make himself an ambulant experiment rassembling new dynamic transdisciplinary teaching methods and knowledge sources in order to emancipate with people in autonomous, sustainable, resilient networks. Besides, he’s a biologist specially concerned by men footprint, food souveraignty, identifying wild edible weeds, agroecology, building concrete and accessible alternatives towards transition - learning/sharing with people. Meanwhile he will be sharing his thoughts and experiences refarming the cities ;) Hard task to briefly write a description, so feel welcomed to contact at guilhermeb[at]riseup[dot]net ;))