andes composter

with a structure inspired by nature the idea was to make a huge composter or aka the worm palace:)

build with local harvested materials and equiped with a refarm on vacations board with 4 sensors of temperature (3 inside, 1 out side) connected to the house by radio and uploading data to our servers.

this has a community build project by the refarm group ny  and all the andes sprout society has participate :) 6 days of very relaxing labor lead to this

now we just need to wire this and start to get data in the server.

the nycR re:farm group will go upstate this weekend again, we will have a worm party and , you are more than welcomed to come, just bring some food to the worms ;)

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is a designer and early became interested in 3 things: drawing, assemble / disassemble mechanisms and spelunking. studied analytic photography, design and graphic arts. worked as a designer in Tomar where he started his own studio. lived 3 years in Porto before went to Lisbon working on some well knowned advertising agencies. in 2006 moves to barcelona, by love. also gets involved with ecodesign and later with electronics and physical computing. was a founding partner, graphic designer, creative director and production manager. has won several awards of design, marketing and creativity. now he is a eco-designer and media artist focused on bringing the unknown beauty of nature to humans.