They first thing is wanted to change this time is the power supply. The ATX power supply  hack is way too much for one sensor, too loud and too expensive. Too buy a 12 v leiser  batterie that is connected to a solar pannel that recharges the batterie, is too expensive ( ding ding ding ) . So i decided to use old electrodomestic transformers.

Transformers are quite commen. Those are those black boxes that come with everything you buy that needs electricity.The work of the transformer is that is converts the 220 AC into DC and the voltages and ampers whatever is need by the consumer product.  You found them in every flewmarket in all shapes, forms and voltages and amperes.  It could be a nasty task :)

I picked up three different types all of them 12 Volt and amperes from 400 mA to 60mA and payed 2 euros each.  I took a sony which a chinch ending , a langelsbold with a handy plug ??  and a matra with a network plug.

The first one i tested was the sony.  I cut of the plug and there where just 2 wires. The measuring was 18 V. 6 Voltes more then expected( cheap multimeter proberly too ) . I workd well with the 12V waterpump from the windshield cleaner and it worked well with the electrovalve 12 V. In use or standby it gets slightly warm , which means it is not of the newest generation and that it consumes a little standby energie.

The Langenselbold didnt worked? I really dont know why. I  did a short search on google where it comes from and i found nothing. I appearas that langensbold is a town in germany.

The Mantra adapter with the network plug was i big suprise. You can power 2 pumps with on transformer. The foure wires are coloured  black, yellow, green and red and the work in pairs. The output voltage was similar between the 2 possible solutions. Grenn + yellow with 14,5 Volt and black and red with 13,6 Volt. On the  transformer is written that it powers the 11 V with 60 mA. That is significly lower then the Sony , but it worked well with the LED, pumps and electrovalve. So conlusion , just look for the voltages and it should be fine. Reuse old transformers is cheap and good and re:farm . You can power your devices easily with the wanted voltages. The current is stable and safe. With the ATX power hack i alwayes had short circuits and it was annoying to work with.  When you just work in one range of voltage a AC/DC transformer can be the choise to go for to power your selfbuild things in a clean , cheap and save way up.



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