a new watering system

So piece by piece we are moving forward, I had a another meeting with AAA, this time with Doina the cofounder of AAA and Leonard from Guerilla Gardening – Paris who is doing currently an intership at there office. Doina explaned me that she is definetly interested to make an automatic watering system. Something that we  not proposed, because they are always at there Office. During the conversation we came, with the help of Leonard,  with a lot of different solutions up, but we didn’t convinced ourselfs to a final solution. Leonard showed me a watering system that is commonly used in Paris that i didn’t know before. It works with capillerty of ceramics and is basically the modern version of the ceramic mug in the earth. In Paris I have seen in the balconies plastic bottles standing out of the flowerbeds and I wasn’t really sure what this is all about.  There a several types of that ceramic watering system and you can find them easily by  goolgeling. During my study of that ceramic system I came across a paper by an brazilien agriculture scientist named Leonardo Oliveira Medici. He and his team developed a automatic selfwatering system that uses ceramic water purification capsules as humidity sensors. You can find the whole text here. Since measuring humidity with electric conductivity is not always satisfying I will try to install that system.

AAA allready developed various drip gravity watering systems, so for there future proyects it could be a good and easily to assembly solution and could be used in there backyard.

The foto shows a comercial ceramic watering system that i bought ( 5 Euros) and the consume of water by a single plant at roomtemperatur during 24h.

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